Hung out with some of my boys last night. also hung out at a haunted house in Atlanta. Full of penises and vaginas that spray things at you……oh yeah I said it. For nostalgia purposes I broke my baller on a budget rule and saw Norma Jean and emery last night.they played oldies and I was satisfied . Nights where you enjoy yourself is worth living a little longer.

Had to get out of my place and just people watch. It’s creepy I know, but also very entertaining lol. Especially when people catch you staring and you try to pretend you weren’t looking, but they know. Oh well! I also spent way to much on this meal. Cappuccino was good though. TGIF//TSIF

These shoes perfectly describe 2014. It has seen a lot and are worn in because of it. nonetheless, the wear and tear of the aforementioned shoe make them my most comfortable shoes. I like where I am in life even though it has been the hardest year of my life so far. So much pride lost. So much to learn still. I’ve grown to understand that I can’t be loved by everyone. Most people will not understand where I am and why I have put myself in this position. For a moment there I wanted to be what people perceived me as, lost. After much deliberation I decided to hell with it and continue to work towards my life. Building a solid foundation. This encompasses everything that I live for, my god, my girlfriend,my band, and my bread winnings. I’m forever grateful for my shoes. Forever grateful for keeping me comfortable even though I took you to hell and back. Here is to the next pair!

Ask and tell

I can’t sleep. Need to up in a few to catch a flight. My mind is is keeping me up with all these thoughts . I can’t believe I’m still doing music. I’m just obsessed with it, the thought of helping someone just makes everything worth while. I’m on the verge of losing everything I love all for the chance of playing music that I love and helping people. I’ve already lost friends. Lost there trust,there faith in me. I really don’t know how Much longer I can hold on. Soon people will hear my thoughts.I’ve written the most honest lyrics ever , I’m questioning all I believe in.

Live is to love. Love is to live. If you die in yourself you get rid of the doubt that’s within.


Come and Rest at the Warehouse in Chattanooga, TN.